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WEBifi Community Platform

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WEBifi Community Platform

Aim of the platform

  • inform  - provide online communities a means to effectively communicate with members / supporters / sponsors
  • involve - provide a means where members / supporters / sponsors can get involved, provide feedback and participate in communities
  • grow - provide online communities a means to generate an income by means of sponsors, online event bookings, donations and managing membership fees

How we do it?  

  • We provide the tools for the community to publish information on:
    • Who they are
    • What the do
    • What they need
    • Guarantee sponsors exposure when they get involved.
  • Each site runs a business directory in which companies who are supporters or sponsors of the community can list a company profile and even display a promotion
  • Communities generate an income from online entries for events, membership invoicing and earn commision for company listings and sales of products listed in the community shop.
  • Each community site is supported with a Facebook profile, Twitter profile and a weekly newsletter (which is updated automatically with headlines from the site)
  • Sites are updated on the web and need no special training or software.
  • Visit the "Features of the community platform" page for more detail

Who is this tool intended for?

ANY COMMUNITY!  Where you have a need to shared information & where participation is required and / or where fundraising is needed.

Schools, churches, clubs, NGO's, chambers, associations, forums, project teams...

What does it cost?

We have a very simple costing model.  Setup cost is a once off fee starting of  R3500 for channel owners (1st site in network) and R1500 per extra site in network. 

Hosting of a community site is R95pm.  These include:

  • 150Mb of storage space
  • 10GB of bandwidth
  • 50 mailboxes (each with 1Gb disk space)
  • First 2500 newsletters or group emails included
  • Marketing cost for companies making use of the "PAID Membership" are billed an addition fixed fee.   See "Generate income with community sites" for more information.


Included in setup fee: Excluded from setup fee:
  • Create site banner 
  • Load site style sheet
  • Loading of required content pages
  • Setup navigation, frontpage layout & newsletter setup.
  • Once off mailer to inform customers / supporters of new site
  • Domain registration
  • Logo design
  • Graphic & flash header design
  • Loading member profiles in the business directory
  • Loading content